Great Company……Some Buffalo Pride and Obama Certified!!!

Great Company……Some Buffalo Pride and Obama Certified!!!


Optimistically…With the passing of 2008, so goes our Nation’s economic hardships.  It is a good time to take a look at some companies (while they are cheap) that may benefit from the change in administration in 2009. I do not give recommendations, however as a proud Buffaloian and Environmental Enthusiast; I’m highlighting a super green local publically traded company that saves the earth and also increased its earnings by 32% in 2008.


Company Profile

 Ecology & Environment (ticker, EEI) is located in Lancaster. Founded in 1970, E&E is one of the first “green” companies in the US.   The company provides environmental consulting worldwide. The services include environmental audits, impact assessments, environmental engineering, noise pollution evaluations, water pollution control, environmental infrastructure planning, air, water and groundwater monitoring.   The company also researches and implements innovative holistic solutions to complicated environmental and health issues.

Reasons to Buy

·        E&E has established itself globally by aligning with affiliates and subsidiaries around the world. Strategically, the company was able to expand their consulting services nationally and internationally; while maintaining cost-effective management, and keeping R&D in the WNY.

·        Obama has purposed tax incentives to companies that have green progressive environmental designs, as well as strategic goals to maintain a cleaner and healthier world.  Companies seeking those tax incentives will turn to companies like E&E for audits and consulting services.

·        Obama has also purposed tax incentives to small businesses.  E&E is currently a small cap company and will likely benefit from those incentives.

·        The current global trend is to become cleaner and more efficient.  Developing countries will soon be pressured to create cleaner and environmentally friendly manufacturing, and therefore will need to rely on the services E&E provides.

·        E&E has consistently increased its dividend since 1987. The dividend yield is currently at 4.4%.

·        Support your local economy and invest in something that makes you feel good!!!





Price $11.55

52 week high: 12.75

52 week low: 7.30

P/E: 17.30

Industry P/E: 22.53

Dividend Yield: 4.40%

Collins Advisors, LLC. has no affiliation with Ecology and Environment and has not been compensated for this recommendation.  Please be advised the purchase of any stock contains risk. Research this stock independently before purchase or contact your financial advisor.   Any questions please give me a call: 716-833-6338!

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