In-House Managed Accounts

Collins Advisors, LLC manages portfolios of individuals to meet specific needs. When clients choose us to be their primary investment advisor we carefully determine their risk and return profile and then make an investment objective that will meet their goals. We recommend a mix of investment classes and review both the portfolio and our clients desires periodically


The portfolios we hold usually contain between 25 and 40 equities. No more than 5% of a portfolio is held in any one stock, and the average position is usually 3-3.5% of the portfolio’s value. Several economic sectors are represented in the portfolio at all times, but we often avoid some sectors depending on our analysis.

Tax Optimization

Every client has their own tax history. Collins Advisors, LLC is aware of the need to make decisions with tax consequences in mind. We rarely incur short-term gains or losses – our philosophy is for long-term investment! We also are aware of old cost bases and will hold solid investments if conditions merit such a decision. We do not boost our ‘market performance’ at the expense of our client’s real returns.

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